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Why Karen Nyamu has been banned from going live on TikTok

TikTok has banned Kenya Kwanza Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu because she may have posted content that went against the app’s rules. In case you haven’t heard, Karen entered her house… then she took off her coat… then she took off her shoes… then she…


Karen Nyamu did nothing of the sort. The politician shared a screenshot in which she lamented about being restricted, yet she hadn’t committed any major offence. According to the good people at TikTok, Karen Nyamu was sharing naughty content, hence they had to shut down her live session abruptly. 

Still, they clarified that the decision wasn’t permanent and that they would hand her back her privileges after some hours… or days.

Apparently, the only thing she did was hug one of her friends in a suggestive manner. The TikTok police might have thought that the she was about to do those kings of things people do in the movie, Basic Instinct, so they acted quickly.

Surprisingly, Nyamu wasn’t too disappointed. She was, in fact, happy that TikTok had put appropriate measures in palace to regulate what people can and cannot post.

I like the controls and checks TikTok has put in place. A lady just happened to hug me on my shoulder, and this happened.”

Unsurprisingly, she also too a slight dig at the app before dropping the mic.

TikTok itabaniwa in Kenya nikiwa bafu nikioga.” 

Well… Do your thing Nyamu


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