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Why Akothee is clout chasing ahead of her reported wedding

Kenyan musician Akothee has been generating buzz on social media with her upcoming white wedding to her French boyfriend Schweizer, also known as ‘Omosh’.

The mother of five has been openly sharing details about her wedding, including the extravagant cost of her wedding dress and shoes, which reportedly amount to nearly a million Kenyan shillings.

She even went to France to personally select her wedding dress, claiming that she couldn’t find the type of dress she wanted in Kenya and even paid for a flight ticket for her dress.

Akothee has been sharing updates on her wedding preparations on her Instagram stories, including videos of the wedding venue, which is located near a water body and was reportedly chosen by Omosh.

However, despite her excitement and elaborate wedding plans, some people have expressed skepticism and doubt about her story.

One point of contention is the timeline of Akothee’s relationship with Omosh. They reportedly met while she was on vacation in Switzerland in July 2022 and got engaged just three months later.

This led to allegations that she had stolen Omosh from another woman, which caused a scandal at the time.

However, it wasn’t until January 2023 that Akothee started sharing photos of herself and Omosh at her Migori mansion, claiming that Omosh’s relatives had come to visit her parents for bride price negotiations, known as ‘nyombo’ in Luo culture.

Notably, Akothee’s absence from her sister Cebbie’s traditional wedding to city lawyer Steve Ogolla raised eyebrows. Akothee had claimed that fans favored Cebbie, and she did not attend the wedding, which was documented on social media with photos of the parents, siblings, and the couple mingling with guests.

As Akothee’s anticipated white wedding date approaches, fans and followers are eagerly waiting to see if the wedding will indeed take place as planned or if it might be another music video, as Akothee has been known for her eccentric and unconventional public persona.



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