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How Kevin Kinuthia makes money online

Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia has shared a few details about how he makes money online. The celeb stated that he has links to hackers in the dark web who help him get into the accounts of wealthy Abu Dhabi tycoons. He then siphons just $1000 from each of them. Since this is a small amount of money to them, they never notice. Genius, right?

Haha. I’m kidding. K

Anyway, while addressing his followers via YouTube, Kinuthia said that there is no consistency when it comes to earning for someone like him. In one month he might be balling and the next month he might eating madondo at a kibandaski somewhere.

He stated:

“Hakuna-specific Figure I can say monthly, like this is how much I get per month. Months zi uvary because there are times I make more a month and there are times I make less.”

Kinuthia also went on to explain exactly how much he earns his shilling. .

“I earn through brands; I am a brand ambassador for many brands. Unapata brands pay me, and I usually earn through YouTube.”

The content creator had some few lamentations too. He disclosed how working with brands is stressful because there are months when they choose not to pay you. Most of them want to see results instantly, and if you don’t prove you can deliver, they cut off the financial pipes. .

“Kuna brands zingine zitakulipa hii month next month hazitakulipa, so brands are not something that is consistent, and I don’t have a consistent figure I earn every month.

Okay Kinush. Do your thing.



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