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Family raises alarm after billionaire Rai abducted by ‘cops’

The Family of billionaire sugar investor Jaswant Singh Rai has raised alarm over his alleged kidnapping by people they believe to be police officers.

A report from the family that has since been shared with the police indicates that Rai was kidnapped on August 25, 2023, at about 4.00 pm by persons believed to be police officers along Wood Avenue, Kilimani, Nairobi.

His whereabouts remain unknown.

The family has reported a case of missing person vide OB No 21/26/08/2023. His vehicle was abandoned at the same place. The police have not commented on the case.

Law Society of Kenya president Eric Theuri said that the disappearance of the business mogul marks an alleged return of extrajudicial brutality at the hands of police.

“This marks the unfortunate return of extra-judicial methods the incoming government pledged to end. The @IG_NPS owes Kenyans an explanation. We demand the immediate safe return of Mr. Rai,” he said.

The man has been at the center of news in the past.

One of the times regards his squabbles with his two brothers regarding the distribution of his father’s massive wealth. The squabbles have been laid bare in court smirking of deep-seated hostility among the siblings.

Another instance regarded the sugar business in the country, with reports showing he was almost single-handedly controlling half the amount of sugar being produced in the country.

The latest addition to his fleet of sugar milling factories was the Naitiri Sugar Company which started milling in May of 2022.




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