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Heart of Gold! Oga Obinna comes through for Kimani Mbugua once again

In a recent update shared by Oga Obinna, there appears to be renewed efforts to support former TV star Kimani Mbugua, who has been struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Obinna’s post detailed a journey where he, alongside others, picked up Kimani from Thika, passed through Mathare, and are now waiting for further instructions from Kimani’s parents before proceeding.

This comes following a heartfelt interview with his father on Obinna TV. In the interview Kimani’s father candidly discussed how drugs and alcohol devastated his son’s life, leading to shattered dreams and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Kimani was hospitalized at Mathare Hospital in 2020 but was later discharged.

Recently, Kimani has been making headlines for negative reasons, including controversial videos and posts where he appears to attack his relatives and former colleagues, and even smoking weed on a live stream. These actions have prompted concern among his loved ones and the public.


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