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Baby Mama Tales! Singer Jovial points out a common co-parenting challenge

Kenyan music sensation  Jovial took to social media to share her candid thoughts on the challenges of co-parenting. In an Instagram story, she didn’t hold back, describing it as one of the most draining experiences ever.

According to Jovial, co-parenting often involves dealing with a bitter ex who might think they are punishing their former partner, but the real victim in such situations is always the child.

“Co-parenting had got to be one of the most draining things on this earth!” she wrote. “In most cases, one party is usually still bitter, wakidhani they are getting back at you when the real victim is the child!”

The mother of one also pointed out that people often warn new parents about the physical changes that come with having a baby. It’s a classic case of “kuuzia watu uoga.”

Still, she believes that the real preparation should be mental and psychological. She advised her fans to make sure they are ready before deciding to have a child, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for the emotional and psychological aspects of parenting.

“When you tell your close people you are having a baby watakutishia na story za body changes ujitayarishe kumbe you need to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically!” she added. “Have that child when you are ready to have that child.”


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