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Cera Imani: Khalif Kairo and I are no longer together

In a recent interview with TNX Africa, Cera Imani has confirmed her breakup with car dealer Khalif Kairo. The couple, who had become a hot topic on the social media platform X, went viral after a video surfaced of Cera twerking in a club, which raised many eyebrows and sparked intense discussions online.

Just weeks after publicly announcing their relationship, Kairo revealed that Cera had left him, leading to widespread speculation about the reasons behind their split. In her candid interview, Cera addressed the situation with grace and composure.

“I prayed for a partner and Kairo came my way. We dated, and that was us. I always say you never know what life has in store for you, so just pray and take it as it is,” she shared, reflecting on their time together.

“I’m chilled, I don’t have much to say. I have many things to do and little time, and life moved in. I’m also young and living a life,” Cera added, emphasizing her focus on personal growth and living in the moment.

Despite the breakup, Cera stressed that she and Kairo remain on good terms, maintaining a friendship that continues to endure beyond their romantic involvement.



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