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Top 5 Biggest Beefs in Kenyan Music History

While Drake and Kendrick Lamar continue to sink sharp claws into each other’s skin, it’s time to look at similar feuds that happened here in the 254. 

The Kenyan music industry has always been a breeding ground for beef. At no point in time will you fail to find several artistes out there embracing braggadocio while claiming to be the best there is. Most of what they say hogwash but no one can stop them anyway. The game is fueled by pride, ego and hunger for fame hence all the animosity and lyrical warfare doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Here are some of the most noteworthy beefs in the history of mainstream music in the 254.

Willy Paul vs Bahati

The gospel industry has largely been thought to be one of sanctimony and serenity, but when they were new cats, Willy Paul and Bahati were always in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Their relationship was fraught with tension, and in most cases, Bahati was the plaintiff, and Willy Paul the defendant.

At one point, the Bieber-esque Bahati accused Willy Willy Willy of stealing his songs. He claimed the ‘Sitolia’ singer had always been on a mission to dismantle his career. Like Kendrick, Pozee wanted to kill the competition, mafioso style. 

The beef would continue for years, even after the two morphed into secular artistes. Willy Paul claimed to have slept with Bahati’s wife, Diana, (before she got married to him), and Diana accused the controversial singer of sexual misconduct. Lately, everything has cooled down, so we hope that’s the end of it.

Bamboo Vs Prezzo

This was epic, super epic and it happened before all the current crop of teenagers knew how to say A-E-I-O-U. The two rappers were all at the epitome of their careers. Bamboo was the lyrical MC who was dating a mzungu while Prezzo was the rich guy with sleek lyrics. In a perfect world, the two ought to have gotten along, yet just couldn’t quit trying to rip the life out of each other. 

Prezzo’s camp and Bamboo’s camp couldn’t see eye to eye. The feud would even spill into the streets with endless reports of fights at events. Lyrical blows were blended with physical blows. It was all fun and war but then the two ninjas decided to put their wild baby to bed by doing a collabo titled ‘Shika Nare’.

Abbas Vs Chiwawa

Largely thought to be one of the best lyrical battles of all time. The two hip hop stars started out as friends but then they had fallout which was later on rumored to have been clinically engineered. Rumor has it that, the whole feud was as scripted as the WWE. It was simply meant to further boost the status of both of both rappers. Nevertheless, the public report was that the beat for ‘Chapaa’ was originally meant for a Chiwawa track but producer Tshanzi felt that Abbas would do it more justice. Chiwawa wasn’t happy about it hence he delivered a brutal, eviscerating call-to-arms to the Kariobangi South rapper. 

The beef dragged on for a few months but it all ended after a public rap battle when the two exhausted mcees decided to put their ‘differences’ behind them. Sounds like Ripleys Believe It or Not.

Jaguar Vs Prezzo

While being interviewed at a local radio station, Prezzo was asked if he knew who Jaguar was.. And Prezzo being Prezzo responded by saying that the only Jaguar he knew was a car model. As expected, beef brewed up faster than chang’aa In Mathare. 

However, it should be noted that Jaguar started the whole thing. Out of the blue, he came out accusing Prezzo of being a big baby that flosses with his parent’s money. Jaguar clearly stated that he had no respect for the ‘King of bling’. The two went on to trade insults for months before they both got tired.

Khaligraph Vs Octopizzo

The origins are similar to that of Jaguar Vs Prezzo. The genesis was from an offensive remark that Octopizzo made during an interview. He calmly denied being aware of the existence of a rapper called Khaligraph despite the two having shared the same stage a couple of times at Wapi festival during their rookie days. 

The direct swipe prompted a series of fierce and foul responses from Khali who came down on Octo like a combat boot on an ant. To this date, he still continues to create a laughing stock out of the Kibera raised rapper. Lyrically, everyone agrees that Khaligraph is the better Mcee but commercially Octo has had the gods on his side.


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