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Jacky Vike, aka, Awinja, opens up about her motherhood journey

Kenyan content creator and actress Jacky Vike, widely known as Awinja, has shared her experiences as a first-time mom. In an interview with SPM Buzz, Awinja spoke candidly about the challenges she has faced on this new journey.

“The first time is confusing and different, but you learn in the process,” Awinja said, reflecting on the early days of motherhood. She described how juggling her career and being a mother can be tough but emphasized that it’s all about adapting over time.

“Working around being a mom and working can be a bit challenging, but with time you get to adapt,” she added.

Awinja’s honesty about her motherhood journey resonates with many new parents who find the transition both exciting and overwhelming. Her insights remind us that while the path may be tough, learning and growing from these experiences makes it worthwhile.


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