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It is time for FKF to remove Aussems from Kenyan football

The football Kenya Premier League (FKPL) is one of the most competitive leagues in Africa, and coaches and players are held to the highest standards.

It is thus worrying that the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) is yet to take any action against a coach who has consistently displayed uncouth behavior.

Andre Casa Mbungo, a Rwandese coach, left AFC Leopards in 2020 and was replaced by Belgian Patrick Aussems.

However, Aussems has been a constant source of controversy, with his latest outburst coming after a loss to Tusker.

In a tweet, Aussems insinuated that his predecessor at AFC Leopards, Robert Matano, lacked the necessary skills and experience to be a successful coach. He went on to make other derogatory remarks that were unprofessional and unnecessary.

This is not the first time that Aussems has shown a lack of decorum. In February 2022, he lashed out at a journalist who had asked a question about a red card incident.

Instead of calmly correcting the reporter, Aussems let loose with a barrage of insults that left the media bewildered. Later, he took to social media and referred to match officials as “clowns,” a move that angered football fans and officials alike.

Despite all this, the FKF has failed to act decisively against Aussems. This is unacceptable, especially considering that his behavior goes against the values of the game and sets a bad example to young players.

Coaches have a crucial role to play in football, and they should strive to act as role models. However, Aussems’ behavior has been unbecoming, and the FKF must take action to ensure that such behavior is not tolerated.

The FKF should launch a thorough investigation into Aussems’ conduct and take appropriate action against him. This could range from a warning to a suspension, depending on the severity of his transgressions.

In conclusion, the FKF has a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the game and ensure that coaches and players are held accountable for their actions. Aussems’ behavior has been unacceptable, and the FKF must take decisive action to ensure that such behavior does not go unpunished. It is high time that the FKF reined in on Leopards’ coach Aussems.



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