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It’s not witchcraft! Here is why couples get stuck while doing bad manners

From time to time, Kenyan media outlets tend to report incidents of people getting stuck while doing the nasty. Many have wondered what really causes these cases of ‘kukwama ndani.’ It’s the worst thing that can happen to people who are making love… mainly because of the embarrassment and shaming that comes with it. 

In most of these cases, it’s usually argued that it all happened because someone sought the services of a karumanzira. Really? Forget the entire mindless hullabaloo about witchcraft. Even though Africa has the highest reported cases of people getting stuck, ‘Juju’ is not the reason behind it. There are biological and psychological reasons behind people getting stuck.

You ought to realize that most of the time, the people who get stuck are those who are cheating on their partners. And they tend to be caught in lodgings, not in homes. Have you ever heard of a situation where a man and his wife get stuck? Well I guess your answer is no.

In medical jargon, ‘kukwama ndani’ is referred to as ‘pénis captivus’. This describes a rare occurrence during intimacy when the muscles in a woman’s ‘confidential parts’ clamp down on the male part much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the male part to withdraw from her. 

Pénis captivus is caused by two major reasons: psychological fear or over-excitement/ Partners who are engaging in forbidden intimacy can have two kinds of motions which mostly revolve around the woman. They can either enjoy it so much causing the woman to have ‘O’s or the woman can be in constant fear of getting caught , giving her another condition called vag*nismus.

This is the physical or psychological condition that affects a woman’s ability to allow any form of penetration. The woman’s muscles become too tight due to her lack of intercourseual arousal. When this woman is doing the nasty, her ‘P’ may then clamp the male part, causing it to get stuck.

During instances of extreme enjoyment followed by powerful ‘O’s, the muscles of such a woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically. While those muscles contract the male part becomes stuck and further engorged. Maybe you are a lady who gets frequent ‘O’s hence you are wondering why your partner has ever got stuck in you.

The answer is simple. Your mind is neither too thrilled nor too afraid. Hence it assumes what you are experiencing is normal. Thus your sinning experience will be without any problems

After the ‘kukwama’ occurrence, the woman becomes even more afraid hence her muscles clump even harder on the male part. When the so called jujuman is called to separate them, the lady regains hope her mind becomes at ease and juices start flowing. Soon the male part will be lubricated and ‘unlocking’ will take place, There is really no black magic involved. Many jujumen will claim responsibility just to up their CV.

If you read this article by Medical News, you will see that the incident rarely happens. This could mean that the incidents you see in the news might be fabrications by the witchdoctors, so that they can come and prove they are good at their jobs. If you go to a town where the incident is said to have taken place and ask to be shown where the man or woman lives, no one will know. You’ll realize they were from another region, which could mean they were just actors paid by the witchdoctor to pretend they had gotten stuck. It’s the same case with those “nyuki’ incidents.


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