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Meet Betty Kyalo’s 21-year-old boyfriend who surprised her with a 77-inch TV on Mother’s Day

Renowned media personality Betty Kyalo recently made waves with her highly anticipated debut on TV47’s “This Friday with Betty” on May 10.

However, it wasn’t just her return to television that caught the public’s attention; Betty also dropped a relationship bombshell during her appearance.

Speaking candidly on “Bahari Ya Elimu” with Ali Hassan Kauleni, Betty hinted at the possibility of tying the knot soon, revealing her happiness in a newfound relationship.

“My husband is from the western region. I am settled now and I feel happy,” Kyallo explained.

What struck many was Betty’s openness about love and relationships, particularly for women in their thirties.

She emphasized the value of experience, suggesting that it makes them better partners. Betty’s admission of taking on a submissive role when she loves someone underscored her commitment and affection.

“Nikikupenda nafanya kila kitu. Nakupikia, nakupigia magoti, massage nakufanyia. lakini yote ni kama nakupenda. Kama sikupendi siwezi fanya izo vitu zote.”.

This translates to, “When I love a man, I do everything for him. I cook, I kneel for you, I massage the man, anything. But I have to love you in order to do all this.”

Navigating love as a public figure hasn’t been easy for Betty, as she has faced both admiration and criticism online.

“You know, I have been doing this for 13 years now. I have learnt to develop a thick skin because some things that people go through in private, I go through in public. It is not easy, but I just find ways to get through it,” she said,

When prodded about wedding plans, Betty remained coy, expressing a desire not to divulge too much.



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