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Meet 24-year-old man dating 80-year-old lady

Meet George, a 24-year-old Tanzanian man, and Catherine, his 80-year-old girlfriend, who have stirred both astonishment and admiration with their unconventional relationship.

Despite a s 56-year age gap, their love story has become a talk of the town in all social media platforms.

Their journey began in an unexpected manner, with George working as a boda boda rider, ferrying Catherine to her daily business.

Catherine, a widow and mother of five, found solace and companionship in George’s presence after the loss of her husband left her feeling lonely and longing for affection.

Their bond deepened when Catherine mistakenly left a bag full of 6 million Tanzanian shillings (380, 000 Ksh) as George ferried her home.

The old woman further explained that afterward, she left for a few weeks, and to her surprise when she came back George brought over the bag full of cash and since then Catharine claimed he won her heart.

“When I returned, he brought back the money, which is how he won my heart.”

This gesture touched Catherine’s heart and prompted her to approach George with the proposition of starting a romantic relationship, despite the glaring age gap.

While George initially took time to process the unconventional proposal, he eventually agreed, emphasizing that love knows no boundaries.

However, their decision to pursue their feelings has not been without challenges.

Both faced opposition from family members and societal norms, with Catherine’s children struggling to comprehend her relationship with someone younger than themselves.

Yet, amidst the skepticism and criticism, George and Catherine have found unwavering support from netizens who champion their right to love freely.

Netizens though stunned have however shown a lot of support for this couple.

@tribelessAyu9224: eeeeeh!😂 I’m speechless. 

@carolinekhamete7199I have nothing to say..

@user-lk5bl6iq9j: wow😂 Jehovah this world. 

@yvonnemascoll356: To each, their own and what matters is how they both feel about each other… god bless them 

@user.ou6zh7ki6r: the woman is too beautiful. I can imagine how she looked when she was a youngster. 

@tazzhall6036: Luv is luv, he is legal, let them be happy. 

@Emerencia41: she is a very beautiful woman at that age. 


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