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Ouch! Diana Marua embarrasses Bahati again by sharing his lazy grooming habits

Most married women cannot be okay with their wives criticizing them in public but don’t tell that to Bahati. The man appears to be enjoying the verbal punches from his wife, Diana Marua, oblivious to the damage they are doing to his reputation.

In her most recent attack, Diana has called out Bahati for no longer taking himself like he used to. It’s a genuine concern, but her choice of words, coupled with the decision to air out the grievances in public is what makes it all look bad.

In a video posted oline, Diana stated: “Ona venye unakaa. Me venye ulinipata yaani you left skin care. Let me tell you something guys, Baha used to visit the barber every two days, hakuwa na hizi mandevu.”

She didn’t stop there. She went ahead and dropped a bombshell, claiming that Bahati fears showering, you’d think he he ia s Form 3 student at a boarding school.

“You see this one, hajaoga in four days now,” she exposed him.

In his defense, Bahati responded with, “Babe siku nne? Hapana. Sijaoga two days.”

As you might recall, this is far from the only outregeous thing Diana has said recently. She also confessed that she once kissed another guy in the car while her boyfriend was driving.

What are the chances that she might do the same to Bahati?

In all honesty, it’s high time Bahati nipped this in the bud, otherwise he will be dumped soon. He things its all fun and games, but these small small statements by women are never just jokes. Diana is probably beginning to lose interest in the guy.


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