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Kenyan Man Living Abroad Shares Photo of House His Cousin Built for Him at Sh 3.5m, Expresses Regret



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A Kenyan man’s excitement over his new home quickly soured when he discovered glaring structural flaws in the construction, prompting widespread concern and discussion on social media.

Namanda Namanda took to Facebook to share his disappointment with the house his cousin had built for him at a hefty cost of Sh 3.5 million, revealing a litany of issues including crooked walls, misplaced windows, and a lack of proper support.

In a viral post on the Home Beautiful Facebook page, Namanda expressed regret over not hiring a qualified engineer for the project, lamenting the poor workmanship and substandard materials used.

“Sh 3,500,000 gone and this is what I am seeing. My cousin, where did I go wrong? How I wish I hired my neighbour who is a qualified engineer,” he posted on the Home Beautiful Facebook page.


Architect Adrian Gachewa, a graduate from the University of Nairobi, echoed these concerns, highlighting critical deficiencies in the structure’s design and construction.

Gachewa pointed out irregularities in the beams and columns, as well as design flaws such as improper window placement, suggesting that the expenses for such a poorly constructed house should not have exceeded KSh 700,000.

“Up to this point, it can’t have gone beyond KSh 700,000. The labour used was obviously unskilled, so very cheap, including the designer who probably drew it with a biro pen.

The architect warned that the house posed a significant risk of collapse and recommended its reconstruction from scratch to ensure safety and structural integrity.



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