Strange world! Funeral stopped after dead man appeared in a local bar

Funeral arrangement of a man who had gone missing for three weeks was halted abruptly after the dead was seen drinking in a bar in Migori.

Mourners and family members had arrived to say good bye to their departed kin,Wilson Oluoch.

The grave into which Oluochs remains would be interred was already dug.

A decomposed male body was found in the nearby sugarcane prompting the family to believe it was Oluoch who had been murdered after he disappeared for three weeks.

It was better the burial that someone told the family a man resembling dead was drinking in a bar.

When they rushed to the bar,the family found him heavily drunk.He confessed to be drinking away his sorrows after returning home previously and therefore he wanted to make a new life elsewhere,away from his home.

Elders will conduct rituals to cleanse him.


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