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Caught in corsets! Form two student arrested for pretending to be a woman to defraud men

What Lengths would you go to for money?

In a startling tale from Bomet, a 16-year-old student, Amos Kirui from Kabungut Boys High School, was arrested for masquerading as a woman to swindle money from unsuspecting men in nightclubs. Dressed in women’s attire, Amos aimed to deceive wealthy patrons, a scheme that fell apart when a frustrated customer, unable to conclude their “transaction,” examined him more closely, revealing the truth.

This incident isn’t an isolated case in Kenya, where inventive and often audacious scams such as “mchele babes” are on the rise.

In another notable story, a group of women in Nairobi were caught faking pregnancies to gain sympathy and financial support from well-meaning passersby. They even went to the extent of using prosthetic bellies to make their deception more convincing.

Additionally, in Mombasa, a gang was recently uncovered orchestrating a fake employment agency. They promised lucrative overseas jobs to desperate job seekers, who paid substantial “processing fees” only to find out there were no jobs.

These stories highlight a concerning trend of individuals going to extreme lengths to obtain money. The ingenuity and audacity of these scams reflect the socio-economic challenges many face, pushing them to resort to deceptive practices for survival. While these acts are illegal and unethical, they paint a vivid picture of the desperation that drives such creativity in deception.


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