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Natalie Githinji: How bathing salts almost killed me

Have you ever ignored instructions on a product, thinking you knew better, only to end up in an unexpected predicament?

NRG presenter Natalie Githinji has shared an amusing yet cautionary story about the importance of following instructions when using bathing products.

In a moment of desperation, when every joint in her body ached unbearably, Natalie Githinji remembered the thoughtful gift from her friend Avril—a package of bath products designed to soothe and relax the body. However, this story takes a humorous twist, highlighting the importance of following instructions.

Despite Avril’s detailed guidance on how to use the bath products, Natalie decided to go her own way. With high hopes of alleviating her pain, she prepared to soak her body using bathtub body salt and essential oils. The instructions clearly stated to use 16-32 tablespoons of body salt for a full-body soak and 8-9 drops of essential oil for a footbath, doubling the amount for a full bath. But Natalie, in her creative wisdom, opted for a different method.

She added the bathtub body salt and essential oils to a basin instead of using a proper bathtub. What happened next was far from the soothing experience she expected. Instead of feeling relaxed, Natalie found herself shivering uncontrollably, unable to warm up even after wrapping herself in a blanket and drinking hot tea. “Nilitetemeka,” she recalled, vividly describing how she shivered despite all her efforts to get warm.

The ordeal didn’t stop there. Natalie bravely went to work the next day, still feeling cold and uncomfortable. To make matters worse, she experienced an unexpected reaction, with her private parts swelling due to the misuse of the products.

Reflecting on her experience, Natalie shared a valuable lesson: “When you are given instructions, follow them… Karibu kinirambe. Mi sijui ningepataje mtoto.  Her humorous recount serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to guidelines, especially when it comes to health and wellness products.

Natalie’s experience is a funny yet poignant lesson for all of us. Instructions and guidelines are there for a reason—to ensure safety and effectiveness. Next time you’re tempted to improvise, remember Natalie’s chilly adventure and stick to the script!

So, whether it’s bath salts or any other product, always follow the instructions to avoid turning a relaxing soak into a frosty fiasco.


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