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Trouble in paradise? Keranta fuels breakup rumors with cryptic message

Kenya’s digital content creators Flaqo and Keranta are once again at the center of breakup rumors. Speculation began after the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram and posted cryptic messages that left fans puzzled and concerned.


The breakup rumors  gained traction again when Keranta shared a thought-provoking message on her Instagram story: “You can’t put a good WOMAN on hold and just expect HER to be there when you are ready.”This message, laden with implications, has led many to believe that all is not well in their paradise.


Flaqo, whose real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno, and Keranta, have been a beloved couple in Kenya’s entertainment scene. They celebrated their third anniversary earlier last year with heartfelt posts on social media. Flaqo praised Keranta, calling her a “God-given gift” and expressing gratitude for their imperfect yet loving relationship. He mentioned their ups and downs, stating, “The happy times, sad times, the ‘breakups’, the makeups…the bestie bestie periods…” 


Despite the recent rumors, Flaqo and Keranta have shared many moments that showcased their love. The couple delighted their fans with a glamorous trip to Dubai, flooding social media with pictures and videos from their vacation. Flaqo’s sweet messages during their anniversary celebrations also painted a picture of a couple deeply in love and committed to each other.


The couple’s relationship has always been in the public eye, and this isn’t the first time they’ve faced breakup rumors. Last year, they dismissed similar speculations with a joint statement and continued to share their love story with their audience. Earlier this year, Flaqo addressed the same issue in an interview. Whether this recent wave of rumors will end similarly remains to be seen.

As the breakup rumors swirl, fans and followers have been vocal with their reactions. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions, and many are hoping that the couple can work through their issues (in case there are any).

For now, fans can only hope that this beloved couple stays together and continue to entertain Kenya with their unique brand of humor and love.


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