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Trisha Khalid claps back at ‘Night Nurse’ claims

Kenyan actress and digital creator Trisha Khalid recently addressed some unsettling comments from her fans. Despite gaining widespread admiration for her roles in ‘Kovu’ and ‘Becky’, Trisha found herself facing a barrage of negative remarks, predominantly from women.


While reviewing fan comments, Trisha was taken aback by the volume of body-shaming and negative commentary directed at her. What struck her most was that many of these comments came from her loyal followers. One particularly harsh comment accused her of being a former prostitute associated with a club called Hypnotica and criticized her for not attending church.


Trisha responded to these accusations by pointing out that the commenter did not truly know her, emphasizing that she does not attend church and suggesting that the commenter needed to heal from their own issues. She highlighted the absurdity of the claim, underlining the fact that such personal attacks are far from normal and indicative of deeper problems on the part of the critic.


Trisha’s rise to fame began with her viral TikTok skit “Tafuta Mtu Akushike,” which showcased her comedic talent and caught the attention of various producers. This breakthrough led to her role as Ruby in ‘Kovu’, where she impressed audiences with her acting skills. Currently, she stars in ‘Becky’ on Citizen TV, continuing to captivate viewers with her performances.


Beyond her acting career, Trisha is a successful entrepreneur. She owns Trendy Collection, an online fashion boutique, and Tees Beauty World, a salon in Bamburi. Her ventures into fashion and beauty demonstrate her business acumen and ability to connect with her audience beyond the screen.


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