Girl,16 raped and strangled to death by schoolmates


Two students from Mathioya constituency are under investigation over rape and death of their schoolmate Milcah Muthoni.

Muthoni,16 was last seen in company of two students,boy and girl.

Her body was found dumped in a thicket near her grandmothers home.

Villagers who reported the case,told the police that at around 5pm,they saw the three students going back home from St Philip’s Gikindu Secondary School.The two suspects have admitted walking together that evening.

“The two friends admitted that they had walked home together as usual but said they did not know where she was,” Muthonis brother said.

Her family had mounted a search for her when she did not return home.They first found her school bag before bumping into her body in the bush nearby.

Area chief said she appeared to have been raped before she was murdered.Her head looked bruised,an indication she must have been hit by a blunt object.

The two students were locked up at Kiriaini police station for questioning.


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