What Is Having Consent Or Permission On Sexual Matters, Simple Talk To Young People

Good morning nephews and nieces. I believe the collective term is niblings. Today Uncle  shall try his hand at tackling what should be a simple enough issue for y’all to grasp.

I do not often comment on female issues but on this one I will make an exception. A fact I find easier because it is not just a female issue. It is actually an issue that affects both genders. Yes, both. Binary.

And I want to address my nephews first. And to start us off, we shall begin with a simple one. WHAT IS CONSENT?

And according to a quick Google such that led me to some random dictionary,

  1. 1.
    permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.
    “no change may be made without the consent of all the partners”
    synonyms: agreementassentconcurrenceaccordMore
 What that means in this context is that a man who wants to have sex with a woman must first get her permission to do so. Verbal, written, recorded -whatever and however you get it. Use your texts, your Whatsapp, Telegram, email, phone call recorder or in person but you must have expressed permission to sleep with a lass.
I actually do not believe that I have to demystify this concept but here we are.
That means that when you are getting cosy with a lass, you have to get her consent. In truth, this can sometimes get murky when you have started getting groovy with a lass then she withdraws consent. Should this happen to you, withdraw your member, get dressed and ask her to call an Uber.
And if she is inebriated and unable to give or deny consent, the easiest thing is to just leave her be. Do not attempt anything.
And if empathizing with people is not your forté, then for the love of God, get consent because jail is not a vacation hotspot. And while in jail as a guest of the state, you too might get a complimentary butt-rape.
Related image
Everyone has a right to an opinion, mine. But, before I bail, here is one more funny gif I found to reiterate my point about you not wanting to go to jail:


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