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‘Kiti tumekalia, wewe ni kutafuta’, Uhuru tells off Raila at Ntimama burial

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday told off Cord leader Raila Odinga after the Opposition leader took a swipe at Jubilee during the burial of the late politician William ole Ntimama in Narok.

Mr Odinga, while eulogising the former minister, said Mr Ntimama had affirmed his position in ODM and dispelled fears that he had decamped to Jubilee.

A visibly angry President Kenyatta bluntly telling Mr Odinga to keep off the newly unveiled Jubilee Party’s affairs.

Wachana na Jubilee yangu, wewe jenga chama yako huko na tutakutana uwanjani,” said Mr Kenyatta.

Mr Kenyatta also told Mr Odinga: “Kiti sisi tumekalia, wewe ni kutafuta. Kumezea nyama mate si kula nyama. Ukweli na usemwe. Ama vipi?”

In protest, Mr Odinga refused to honour President Kenyatta at the end of his speech when he remained sat as the head of state was heading back to his seat.

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