The New Toyota Prado 2018 Silver
The New Toyota Prado 2018 Silver

Toyota Kenya yesterday unveiled the new 2018 Land Cruiser Prado model.

The 2018 Prado, which boasts of a luxurious, sophisticated and sleeker look with enhanced interior features, was unveiled by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives, Hon. Adan Mohamed, in an event held at the Muthaiga Golf Club.

Speaking during the launch, Toyota Kenya MD, Mr Arvinder Reel, said that the introduction of the new model was informed by increased market demand for a more luxurious model.

“Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the demand for Toyota Prado models and as such inclined to continue meeting our customer’s needs. This is exemplified in the new Prado where we have enhanced both the exterior and interior features boosting the functionality of the vehicle. It is a sight to behold,” noted Mr.Reel.

With a new combination of a robust and advanced feel, the Toyota Prado 2018, dubbed the Beast of SUV,  maintains the distinctive Land Cruiser robustness of the current model, while pursuing a radical evolution towards a more modern and advanced impression. It is a ‘tough’ machine that embodies an agile and dynamic design.

The automobile industry in Kenya has witnessed a decline in the last two years. Amid this decline, Toyota has increased its market share by 5% in 2017, with the Toyota Prado commanding a 47% market share in its segment.

Toyota Chairman Amb. Dennis Awori attributed this growth to an enabling operating business environment, with Toyota Kenya further planning to cement their position in the country.

Toyota Kenya also announced a partnership with several financial institutions that will see the institutions offer customers financing solutions for the new Prado.

“The objective is to ensure that customers enjoy the brand new vehicle within their monthly operational budget,” continued Mr. Reel.

Toyota, which is one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, has been in operation in Kenya since 1964.


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