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Thee Pluto addresses rumours on break up with Felicity Shiru


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Content creator Robert Ndegwa, popularly known as Thee Pluto has taken to social media to address rumors regarding his relationship status with his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru.

Amidst speculations of a split, Thee Pluto engaged with his followers on Instagram, reassuring them that all was well between him and Felicity.

Despite the swirling gossip, he confidently affirmed, “Felicity and I are fine,” putting an end to the conjecture.

During the interactive session, fans also questioned Thee Pluto about his views on polygamy, considering his Islamic faith.

In response, he emphasized the importance of fulfilling the Sunnah, the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad, but personally expressed a preference for monogamy.

Furthermore, when asked whether Felicity and their child would adopt Islam, Thee Pluto advocated for an approach based on attraction rather than imposition.

He encouraged them to be drawn to the inherent goodness of Islam, indicating a respectful and open-minded approach to matters of faith within his family.

This isn’t the first time Thee Pluto has addressed questions regarding his religious affiliation.

In late 2023, he clarified misconceptions about his faith, reaffirming his commitment to Islam despite rumors suggesting otherwise.

He spoke passionately about the beauty of Islam as a comprehensive way of life, emphasizing its guidance on interpersonal relationships, modesty, and dietary practices.

“Islam is a very beautiful way of life. It says how you should live with each other, how you should live with your wife, the dress code that is respectful to other people and to Allah, and the food that you should eat. So it is a way of life,” Pluto said.


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