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Rachel Otuoma: I have been in a sexless marriage for two years

Rachel Otuoma, the wife of former footballer Ezekiel Otuoma, has bravely shared the challenges she and her husband have faced since his diagnosis with motor neuron disease four years ago.

In a candid interview on the Obinna show on YouTube, Rachel revealed that they have endured two years without intimacy in their marriage due to her husband’s debilitating illness.

“Since Otuoma fell ill, it’s definitely been four years. We’ve been on this journey for four years and when it started, Otuoma was walking. I can say it’s been two years of suffering without intimacy. And to tell the truth, I’ve never taken matters into my own hands,” Rachel said.

Ezekiel Otuoma, known for his prowess on the field during his time with AFC Leopards and Ulinzi Stars, has been grappling with motor neuron disease, which has left him paralyzed and reliant on a wheelchair.

Rachel’s  commitment to her husband shines through as she speaks about remaining faithful throughout the difficult journey of his illness.

Despite the challenges they face, she has stood by his side, offering love and support every step of the way.

In addition to the emotional strain, Rachel also shared the uncomfortable experience of fending off advances from other men, including some of her husband’s friends.

“Many men come to my DMs, but I don’t entertain them. Firstly, one of them is his [Otuoma’s] friend, he even saw the messages. I showed him and asked him what kind of friends he has. He told me he would like to take me out for dinner. No,” she said.


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