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Former Radio Citizen Host Joyce Gituro Now Says She Can’t Find a New Husband Years After Ex-Husband Dumped Her

Renowned media personality Joyce Gituro recently opened up about her experiences in the realm of dating as a single mother.

Having separated from her husband, Joyce shared candid insights during an interview with Lynn Ngugi on January 29.

Joyce didn’t shy away from expressing the difficulties she encountered while attempting to date as a single mother.

In a moment of honesty, she admitted contemplating a return to her former husband at one point, realizing the unique set of challenges that accompanied dating as a single mother.

“I tried dating during that time. Let me tell you I got to a point where I was alike waaah, afadhali nirudi hata kwa yule bwanangu. There is this thing about dating as a single mother. People date you differently,” she said.

Reflecting on her own journey, Joyce shared the story of a two-year relationship that started with promise but eventually revealed its shortcomings.

“Dating as a single mother nilishtuka. I tried dating that time and I got into a relationship that lasted for two years. Initially it was a very good relationship with a mature person but with time unaanza kuona where are we headed?” Joyce questioned.

The relationship highlighted a lack of concern for her children’s well-being.

In the interview, Joyce delved into the pitfalls of rebound relationships, emphasizing the risks associated with entering a new connection without a clear understanding of one’s feelings and intentions.

Despite the lack of a strong foundation or shared goals, she found herself deeply invested in the relationship, a situation that led to profound disappointment when it ultimately ended.

Following the breakup, Joyce embarked on a journey of introspection and personal growth.

The experience allowed her to mature and gain a deeper understanding of herself.

Today, she radiates confidence and self-assurance, having learned valuable lessons from her past relationships.

Joyce is a mother three children, two sons, and a daughter.



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