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Citizen TV News Anchor Swaleh Mdoe Suspended

Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has found himself off the airwaves, suspended from his on-screen duties.

According to a reliable source within the media house, Mdoe faced suspension after his absence from the 1:00 pm bulletin on Tuesday, January 23rd.

Since then, viewers have noted his conspicuous absence for over three weeks, raising questions among the audience regarding his sudden disappearance.

Insights from  source revealed that Mdoe had taken time off for a medical check-up on the day he was expected to anchor the daytime bulletin.

However, his failure to inform his supervisor beforehand led to the management’s decision to suspend him from on-air appearances.

Upon his return to work the following day, Mdoe was summoned by his superiors, who issued the indefinite suspension.

Despite the suspension, Mdoe has been diligently reporting to work each day, as per usual, awaiting further instructions.

Known for his polished delivery and commanding presence, Mdoe hosts the prime-time Swahili bulletin every Monday at 7:00 pm, as well as the 1:00 pm bulletins from Tuesday through Friday.


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