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Airtel Africa Telesonic Limited to provide world class fibre network services and data connectivity

Airtel Africa today announces the launch of Airtel Africa Telesonic Limited (‘Telesonic’), a cutting-edge fibre bandwidth service, leveraging ground fibre assets and submarine cable systems to meet the growing demand for wholesale data in Africa, by offering comprehensive terrestrial fibre and submarine cable solutions.

Plans are underway to establish local entities in key markets where Airtel Africa operates to oversee all fibre assets and manage the operational aspects of the wholesale business. The initiative is expected to have a long-term positive impact across Africa by improving the quality of life for communities and boosting national economies.

Telesonic currently has an extensive fibre network across the continent. It has also invested in the 2Africa submarine cable system which is poised to become the most comprehensive submarine cable across the continent and the Middle East region. 2Africa is the largest submarine cable interconnecting 33 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. This ambitious project aims to provide customers with seamless connectivity between Africa and Europe. It is also set to positively impact communities by enhancing connectivity in key sectors such as education and healthcare, fostering improved access and efficiency.

Telesonic will offer products such as national and international leased lines, dedicated internet access, IP and IP transit services and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) services through its network of over 75,000 kilometres of terrestrial fibre across Airtel Africa’s 14 markets.

Airtel Africa’s Group CEO, Segun Ogunsanya said:

“The establishment of Airtel Africa Telesonic Limited underscores Airtel Africa’s commitment to addressing Africa’s needs for the digital revolution by providing cutting-edge fibre-optic solutions that will empower businesses, education, healthcare, and communities at large.

No doubt, Africa is experiencing a digital revolution, with surging demand for data across various sectors especially by the continent’s growing youth population. With robust and scalable infrastructure, we aim to bridge the digital divide and unlock opportunities for innovation and economic growth. Our investment signifies not just a technological advancement but also a catalyst for progress, connecting people and ideas across borders.”


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