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What Causes Children to Rebel Against Their Parents?

The main causes of children to rebel against their parents are:

  • Parental Pressure
    • Parents always dreamed high for their kids and whenever they failed to achieve it, a parent would always blame them for many reasons.
    • Just like a college student taking up Engineering course but wanted to take Doctorate, since parent pushes them to take the course and not what they want, the outcome is the child rebel against their parents by not doing well on school perhaps not attending classes.
  • Lack of Communication
    • Kids don’t like hearing repeated nagging or shouting from you.
    • Sometimes they would even know the reason why you’re angry if they did wrong if they commit mistakes because you didn’t talk to them.
    • Make sure that communication is always there if your child did great on something congratulate or let them feel that you are proud.
    • However, if they have done wrong, talk to them and ask the reason why they did it, then give them the best advice politely.
    • Seeking Independence
      • Many young adults now always wanted to have the right to decide by themselves especially choosing career, kind of friends, clothes to wear, or even traveling alone.
      • Since parents are overprotective towards them and always want to keep an eye for whatever they do or where they are going to, what kind of friend to be with, what clothes not to wear, and everything that matters.
      • A child finds it so disgusting that they can decide on their own, this will take them into a rebel.
  • Struggle For Acceptance
    • In some cases, a child may feel pressure to do good and perform well when everyone else is doing great.
    • They may be trying to be someone they are not and struggling for it just to be accepted by parents. In rare cases, a bisexual or transexual child is struggling for acceptance from their parents and if they are not accepted, they went outside the family to show rebel against their parents.
    • They find people and places where they are most welcome and accepted.
  • Seeking For Attention
    • In some instances, parents who are busy working don’t have much time giving attention to their children.
    • Often a child almost do anything even rebel against parents to catch their attention.
    • As parents, find the time and do everything to manage your job and taking care of your child. Pay attention to what they say, feel, and think.

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