What Are The Signs That You Are Wasting Your Life?

  1. If you are using Social Medias for excessive time. Believe me, it’s not useful at all. Stalking people profile(especially of your crush), messaging someone who is least bothered about you. Yes, it definitely takes a lot of courage to realize that it’s unnecessary. I did realize it so I have quitted Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest for 8 months. Believe me, the result is really good. Quora can be good as I can learn over here
  2. Believing that Fairy Tales exists! No, my dear beautiful faces matter. Everyone is attracted to a beautiful girl or a handsome guy. I guess loving someone ugly exists only 0.99% in this only world. Now, I am sure you all guys are gonna debate with me. But it’s the sad reality of life. So grow up and focus on yourself instead of waiting for a Fairy Tale to take place in your life. It only exists in movies and stories.
  3. To wake up early in the morning and instead of checking out any other things. Before brushing your teeth and even washing your face. Engaging in your Phone.
  4. If you have never danced in rain, went on trekking, done rock climbing, told your parent how much you value them, sang songs, dreamed to be a successful person, love yourself, irritate your cousin, siblings and loved ones. Because if you have not done this then you’re naturally unattractive. I have a long list so I just couldn’t include all of them 😉
  5. You feel constantly irritated, joys surround you but not longer than a few minutes. Then, you obviously need to check out what’s wrong with you.
  6. Waiting for someone to message you. Waiting for someone to care about you. Ask whether you’re fine or not. Believe me, only your family and yourself will really care about you.
  7. If you have ever believed that a person will love you and only you forever. They will be with you. Care about you. No, not at all! Everyone in life is replaceable. People will get down with another person if they’re more beautiful than you. Mark my words it so happens, though it’s sad, it’s also true at the same time.
  8. If you have ever wondered the one who died returns back to your life. Believe me, I wasted my three years believing that. Yes, I was just fourteen back then, so as a child I believed it. The day you realize it, it hurts much more. But unfortunately, it will never become a reality. So, don’t waste your time in this.
  9. If you are settling for less. Please don’t do that push yourself up. I believe it. I started working in an IT company just after 1 month of my SEE examination(Grade 10). Obviously it’s hard. I can hardly manage 3 to 4 hours for my studies. But, I want to get independent. If I can help my family in a small way then why not? I will do that.
  10. If you’re seeking the attention of some random guys or girls. Please don’t do that. It will take you nowhere. It’s such a wastage of time.
  11. Don’t get stuck with your past. It is a complete wastage of time. Pick yourself up. Believe that you deserve someone better. With time you will grow and glow. Keep your Chin up and never settle for the same mistake again.
  12. If you are following the crowd. You are mistaken, don’t ever do that. What if you fall? Get up again. Do something different. If things don’t work out and life gets tougher. Be more habitual to get more tuff. But Don’t give up! Nah! It shouldn’t be even one of your option.
  13. If you have never loved the scars of your body. What if you are ugly, what if you are short, what if you don’t get proposals from your crush, what if you are a Sunflower in the world of Rose. There isn’t anything bad in that. Everyone cannot be pretty. After all, you will definitely find someone one day who will love and appreciate all of our scars. So, don’t ever think that you’re ugly. You’re beautiful or handsome. No matter what you will always be special to those who loves and values you.
  14. If you never had fun and made at least Five People Smile a day. Do that, the world needs more of that. Everyone is so self-obsessed. In this world be Ketchup to someone’s Frech Fries.
  15. If you haven’t understood +,-,* and / rule. To add friends, reduce enemies, multiply joys by celebrating them with others and dividing other sorrows by being a part of them.
  16. Don’t Hate or have time for Revenge. After all, everyone has to face their own Karma. Time is really precious, don’t kill it in stupid things.

Hope you enjoyed them.