Waititu wins Kiambu nominations, Kabogo accepts defeat

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has conceded defeat after provisional results indicated that Kabete MP ferdinand Waititu is headed for a win in the Kiambu nominations for the Jubilee Party.

Speaking on Tuesday evening, Governor Kabogo conceded defeat saying that he wished Mr. Waititu well.

“I wish Hon. Waititu well If indeed he is able to become the next governor of Kiambu,” he said.

However, Kabogo appeared to rad foul play in his loss, saying that ‘someone’ didn’t want him to continue being the Governor in Kiambu.

“I think someone does not want me for Governor of Kiambu & I am done for now. I wish Waititu, people of Kiambu well,” said Kabogo.


More to follow…


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