The Co-operative Bank has launched a new feature on its mobile banking app MCo-op Cash. The new feature now allows users to buy airtime on MCo-op Cash.

This means that as long as you have the app installed in your phone, you will no longer hustle your way to the nearest shop or airtime vendor to buy your mobile credit but can instead buy airtime on MCo-op Cash.

Instead, all you will be required to do to buy airtime on MCo-op Cash will be to log in and purchase the credit from the comfort of your mobile device.

Interestingly, the new feature has not limited users to one service provider. In fact, Kenyans will be able to buy mobile credit irrespective of whether they use Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom.

“Kenyans will be able to buy airtime on MCo-op Cash worth Sh. 50 to Sh. 999 straight from MCo-op Cash,” said a statement from the Co-operative Bank.

When you want to buy airtime on MCo-op Cash, you will need to use the short code *667*Amount#

The MCo-op Cash mobile app has been one of the most revolutionary digital banking tools in Kenya. It has come with an assortment of features that have seen customers access banking services on the go and from the comfort of wherever they may be.

Apart from buying airtime on MCo-op Cash, other services that are easily accessible on the mobile app include:

  1. Depositing or saving money
  2. Applying and paying for a loan
  3. Sending money to another MCo-op Cash Account, Co-op Bank Account or SACCO Account
  4. Sending money to other mobile money services, for example, M-PESA
  5. Withdrawing money at a Co-op Agent or Co-op ATM
  6. Transfering money to and from your Co-op Account or SACCO Account
  7. Buying airtime for any mobile number
  8. Paying bills, for example, KPLC, DStv, KRA Tax and Insurance
  9. Paying for goods and services
  10. Paying fees, for example, school fees or rent
  11. Checking your account balance or get a statement
  12. Buying, sell or transfer shares
  13. Activating SMS alerts for debits and credits