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Thee Pluto updates his fans about his mental battles

YouTuber Robert Ndegwa Kamau popularly known as Thee Pluto disclosed weeks ago that he is battling depression.

He has been away online to deal with the state of his mind. Opening up to his wife Felicity on May 9th, Pluto announced he is doing well.

“Sijakuwa mahali.Unajua sometimes taking a break from social media is good. I was to take a longer break but my friends and my fans told me Pluto pale mtandao hakuna kitu. I decided to come out. I was keeping myself busy while I was on the break.” He shared

The father of two is thankful to those who reached out to him after he went public about battling depression

“I am back thank you for those who showed support. Loyalty test tumeekelea mingi so those who think there is nothing go check out. Thank you for the love and support.

I’m good and healthy. Nashukuru mungu by the way I have prayed a lot in the last few days.

The father of two also spoke about the many assumptions netizens have about him.

People will always talk.”

Felicity was also dragged into his woes, with Kenyans saying Pluto is not the biological father of her child.

Addressing, Pluto praised Felicity for standing by him.

“Pia wewe nimekuja kutambua you are strong. with all those things that were being said online, I don’t understand why people hate.

Social media is not easy but what I’ve learned, you shouldn’t care what people say. At the end of the day stand with your truth and stand with what you know is right and pray. Tell God to bless your enemies”

Pluto also reposed mental health tips from Akothee.Akothee on her Instagram Tuesday, May 9, shared a long list of 15 things she says can drive you into mental illness.

He said

“Well put Madam boss”.



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