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The Day NTV Presenter Cate Rira Walked Out Of A date


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NTV radio and TV presenter Cate Rira on Friday 14 intimated what she termed as her worst date experience.

The Nation FM morning show host confessed, “I remember it because I ran out of the date.”

Her friend had planned to test whether she could stick with him through the good times and the bad and thus made arrangements to take her out to a dingy eatery in downtown Nairobi.

NTV Radio/ TV presenter Cate Rira.
NTV Radio/ TV presenter Cate Rira.

She hated the hygiene and location of the hotel which she claimed served food below health safety standards.

“So it happened that I chose a restaurant, a good restaurant like in uptown Nairobi, and he was like no, no, let us go downtown,” Cate recalled.

“I have no problem with downtown, I get my goods from there, I can even get a quick meal.

“But he went somewhere that was like a little way overboard. It looked even dangerous. I didn’t even know where I was,” she recounted, noting that potato chips at the eatery were served carelessly.

The NTV presenter expressed her disappointment at the visual outlook of the restaurant and the discomfort that came with it. She was on a date so she played along, but only for so long.

Sooner rather than later, Cate figured out a plot to excuse herself from the date.

“As soon as he ordered I was like I’ll order too. So when I was just about to make an order I was like ‘give me a minute, I will be back’ and ran out,” Cate narrated.

“I ran out of that place,” she reiterated, further noting that it was the worst date she had literally had.

NTV Radio/ TV presenter Cate Rira.
NTV Radio/ TV presenter Cate Rira.

Cate explained that she was appreciative of an outing that was well planned and thought through.

“It has to have thought. It has to be well put up, you should plan it way before. I like new discoveries. If you showed me somewhere new and it has an ambiance, that would be nice,” the presenter noted.


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