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Terence Creative unveils Sh10 Million rate card

Kenyan comedian and content creator Terence Creative, known for his vibrant characters and engaging skits, has publicly announced his Sh10 million rate card. This move sets a new benchmark in the influencer marketing industry, inviting brands to collaborate with him for exclusive, year-long partnerships.

Terence Creative, whose real name is Lawrence Macharia, is offering brands the chance to book any of his six iconic characters exclusively for a year. With a starting bid of $72,000 (Kes 10,000,000), this opportunity allows brands to leverage Terence’s dynamic personas to enhance their marketing strategies. In his announcement, Terence emphasized the impact his characters can bring to a brand, stating, “Bring your brand to life with one of my dynamic characters! Choose your favorite for an exclusive one-year placement and make a lasting impact.”

Terence’s journey from the streets of Mathare slums to becoming a millionaire content creator is nothing short of inspirational. After losing his parents at a young age, he faced numerous challenges, including living as a street boy and later being rescued by Mully Children’s Home. His comedic talent and hard work have led him to significant milestones, including his popular “Wash Wash” series, which has garnered millions of views on Youtube.

By making his rate card public, Terence joins a growing list of Kenyan celebrities who have done the same, including Anerlisa Muigai, Willy Paul, and Crazy Kennar. This transparency not only helps brands understand the value influencers bring to the table but also sets a standard for fair and open negotiations in the industry.

Terence Creative’s extensive reach and engaging content make him a valuable partner for brands looking to stand out in the competitive market. His characters, such as the fraudulent Congolese investor in the “Wash Wash” series, resonate well with audiences due to their humor and relatability. By partnering with Terence, brands can tap into his creative genius and connect with a broad audience in a unique and impactful way.

Terence Creative’s Sh10 million rate card is a bold move that highlights his influence and the growing importance of digital creators in marketing and positions him well with brands looking to make a significant impact.


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