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Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Reveals Why You Should Pay a Pastor Once He Prays for You

Rose Muhando’s stance on the contentious issue of gospel evangelists being paid when they appear at gospel meetings to entertain and bless believers with their songs has sparked debate.

Speaking on East Africa radio station in Tanzania, Muhando argues that aside from being evangelists, they are also ordinary human beings facing everyday responsibilities that require money to be addressed.

She contends that it’s unfair for evangelists to be invited to churches or any gospel gatherings, entertain with their songs, and then be handed mere verbal thanks while they have bills to settle, bills that often don’t acknowledge their status as servants of God.

She asserts that even in the scriptures, Jesus didn’t die on the cross for his people to continue suffering in poverty; it’s their right to be compensated when they perform at gospel events.

“My question is, the work is of God but whose money is it? God says silver and gold are mine. So, what they give us, we’re using God’s resources for His own work. If the work is God’s, they should also recognize that the money is God’s, not theirs. Who ever collected offerings and threw them up into heaven?” Muhando queried.

“Let me ask you, I owe rent, I owe school fees, I owe various government taxes, should I pay with what while every day I’m on the road spreading the gospel? Did Jesus die so we could be poor?” she added.

There has been an ongoing online debate about gospel evangelists being paid to perform their songs at gospel meetings organized by various pastors.

Some feel these evangelists should use their God-given talent freely to serve Him in gospel meetings, while others argue they deserve to be appreciated with a little something to motivate them to continue spreading the gospel and even sustain themselves financially.



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