Teachers say no to textbook plan

    Controversial KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion

    Teachers have opposed a plan by the Ministry of Education to reduce the number of course books used in schools from six to only one per subject.

    In a letter to Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i dated June 22, Knut secretary-general Wilson Sossion said the Orange Book is a document that had been developed through extensive consultations and stakeholders’ participation over time.

    “The listing of books offers variety for choice of learning materials by students and teachers in schools and this is professionally well-informed. It was started to shift from the earlier monopoly of the Kenya Literature Bureau of publishing school books, which were poor in content and quality,” Mr Sossion said.

    He said the quality of textbooks has been the driving force of effective service delivery.

    “Your directive to reduce the number of textbooks is neither borne out of consultation nor guided by a competent quality assurance report from your office,” Sossion.

    Mr Sossion said the union is within its rights as provided for in the International Labour Organisation and Unesco recommendation concerning the status of teachers, that they should enjoy academic freedom in the discharge of their duties.

    According to Dr Matiang’i the review will see learners have one course book per subject and not the current six as many books are not benefiting students but those in business.