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Pastor Ng’ang’a: Makeup ni Ushetani

James Maina Ng’ang’a, the controversial founder of Neno Evangelism, has once again stirred debate with his recent assertion that makeup is “devilish.”

During a sermon, Ng’ang’a painted a vivid picture of women fearing rain due to their makeup potentially getting ruined, suggesting that such cosmetic enhancements are a form of deception promoted by the devil.

“All these women here, if they undress, you will run away. When it rains, you will see them bending because they are afraid their makeup will peel off. They have layers of mud and holes on their faces. It is called makeup. The devil shows you to stay with some makeup on because he does not want you to remain original.”

Ng’ang’a’s past statements have also garnered attention for their divisive nature.

In the past, Ng’ang’a issued a stern warning to his wife, Loise Murugi, about going through his phone has elicited a range of reactions.

During his sermon, he made it abundantly clear that his wife must be prepared to face the consequences should she dare to lay a finger on his phone.

“Ukigusa simu yangu wewe mke wangu, ujipange na hio mambo. Usiniletee mambo ya ujinga. Wewe uko na simu yako, mimi nimeshika yako?” Ng’ang’a questioned.

He went on to explain that if she notices that someone has called him, she should dial the number and ask the person directly, emphasising that the question should not be directed to Ng’ang’a.

He stressed that merely living with someone doesn’t confine him to a prison and clarified that he doesn’t tamper with other people’s phones.

He went on to explain that, on the other hand, he doesn’t go through his wife’s phone because he isn’t the type of husband who invades his wife’s privacy.

According to him, he doesn’t feel the need to investigate everyone in her phone because if she wants to be involved with other men, she will do so regardless.


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