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Nana Owiti: Why I broke up with King Kaka for 7 months

Rapper King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti has revealed that she once broke up with him for seven months for cheating on him with a renowned singer and even sired a child.

Nana said he felt broken after Kaka had an affair with singer Sage Chemtai and had a baby with her.

Speaking with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Nana said the affair broke her heart and she opted to kick him to the curb for seven months as she was also expecting his first child with the rapper.

“It was almost like an ultimate betrayal. We actually broke up for seven months before getting back together,” she confessed to Jappani.

The Switch TV presenter took back the rapper after he apologised for his indiscretions.

“The only reason I stayed after what he did, is because of what transpired after. He said sorry. We are all at fault; we all have baggage ….his mistake was cheating on me. I had my faults too,” she said.

Nana added that they are now good after ironing out their issues that emerged early in their relationship as King Kaka was also working to make a name in the music scene.


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