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Nakuabudu: Jowie drops new hit as he heads to prison

Just moments after being convicted of the murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani, Jowie Irungu has released a gospel song titled “Nakuabudu” (I Worship You).

The track, shared on his YouTube channel was Produced by Safri Records.

The song features poignant lyrics expressing deep devotion and faith in Jesus Christ such as  “Nakubudu, Nakusujudu, ni wewe, Yesu milele” (I worship you, I bow to you, it’s you, Jesus, forever) underscore Jowie’s spiritual journey amid his legal troubles.

Accompanying the music video is a Bible verse, Psalm 150:6, which reads: “Let everything that hath breath Praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD,” further emphasizing the spiritual theme of the song.

Jowie’s foray into gospel music didn’t begin with “Nakuabudu.”

In 2020, he released his first gospel track, ‘Nishikilie,’ signaling.

Despite his troubled past, Jowie has a musical background, having been involved in a band and serving as a founder member of a church choir.

The timing of the song’s release, just moments after his conviction, has stirred a mix of reactions among netizens. Some applaud his resilience and newfound faith, while others question the appropriateness of the timing, considering the gravity of the situation.

In the courtroom, Justice Grace Nzioka delivered a damning verdict against Jowie, stating, “All this evidence leaves a strong conclusion that Irungu murdered Monica Kimani.” The prosecution successfully proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

As Jowie awaits sentencing on March 8th, his future hangs in the balance. Engaged to TV personality Jacque Maribe before the murder, Jowie’s life has taken a drastic turn, spending 18 months in jail in connection with the crime.



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