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Kimani Mbugua’s father reveals how his ex-girlfriend and friend made his son go mad

Kimani Mbugua’s father has explaines how drugs and alcoholism ruined his son and shattered his dreams.

During an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, veteran journalist Kimani Mbugua’s dad revealed that Kimani’s life took a sudden twist one day when his girlfriends and colleagues induced hard drugs on him during a house party in town.

“My son was and is a brilliant man. The only mistake he made was trusting the wrong people because even his girlfriend betrayed him at some point…,” Mbugua said during the interview.

In the past few days, Kimani Mbugua has been trending in a bad way, where he has been making videos and posts appearing to attack his relatives and colleagues whom he used to work with during his reign at Citizen TV.

In an earlier post, Kimani Mbugua described “the most traumatic event of his entire life” that led him to start smoking weed.

Through the Kimani Mbugua podcast, the journalist narrated how drug addiction began.

“I saw a woman who was like a goddess who came to have sex with me. She started calling my name.”

With the continued drug addiction, Kimani became psychotic and was admitted to Mathare hospital.

He was admitted to the Mathare Mental Hospital twice since 2020.

Kimani adviced people not to take drugs.



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