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Lady Bee clarifies after reports of Gloria Muliro getting her first baby after years of childlessness

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro recently welcomed her first child, according to reports.

Her remarriage and relocation to the USA in 2021 made her prioritize her family over her music career.

This is a common phenomenon among musicians and artists, who often take time off their careers to focus on their families.

Gospel singer Bernice Mugo, also known as Lady Bee, spoke about the matter during a requiem mass for Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa.

In response to Eric Omondi’s criticism, Lady Bee emphasized that family should come first, and that gospel singers may have to take a break from their music careers to care for their children.

“There is a time women take a break because they want to take care of their children. You cannot go and perform while pregnant. Guardian Angel got married recently. Will he continue serving or taking care of his family?

Adding, “Ndugu yangu (Guardian Angel) alioa juzi, ataendelea kufanya huduma ama ndiposa atatengeneza nyumba? Nyumba yake ndo church ya kwanza. (My brother Guardian Angel married just the other day. You expect him to neglect his family. Your house is the first church).”

Lady Bee continued by emphasizing the importance of caring for one’s house, as a house is the first church.

“First of all, you have to cater for your house. If your house does not profess Jesus as the Lord of that homestead and your life then you are failing. You can be out there preaching the gospel, but your house is crumbling because you are so busy.”

She claimed that female musicians, such as Gloria Muliro and Eunice Njeri, who Eric Omondi criticized, are now married and focusing on their families.

“Gloria amepata mtoto kina Eunice ni watu wako na familia sahii. (Those ladies who have been mentioned. Gloria recently welcomed a baby while Eunice is taking care of her family.”


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