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Kiru Principal Murder: Wife now names husband’s killers

Kiru Principal Murder: Ms. Jane Muthoni who is accused of killing her husband and Kiiru Boys High School Principal Solomon Mwangi Mbuthi has named the killers who took part in the brutal murder of Mwangi.

Ms. Muthoni says that her husband’s murder was planned by his fellow principals who were unhappy with his transfer. She said when she appeared before Justice Joel Ngugi as the first defense witness.

Why and how Kiru principal’s wife got us to kill her husband

Ms. Muthoni has been in remand for the last four years following the murder of her husband of which she is the prime suspect. She has been charged alongside Mr Isaac Ng’anga alias Gikuyu, with the murder of Mr Mbuthia on diverse dates between November 4 and 11, 2016 in Kiambu County.

The court heard that the principals, who influenced transfers and promotion of teachers in the region, were aggrieved after Mr. Mbuthi was posted to the school while she was promoted to head Icaciri Secondary School without going through them. Muthoni claimed that the cartel had demanded Sh. 1 million from them to facilitate their transfers to schools of their choice.

 “After struggling for 13 years to secure transfers to work in the same region, my husband was introduced to a group of school heads who he was told had a say in the transfers and promotions. The group, however, demanded Sh. 1 million and we felt that the amount was too exorbitant so we decided to just follow the right channel,” said Ms. Muthoni.

She further said her husband started receiving threatening messages and calls from unknown people who claimed they were sent to eliminate him.

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 “In one of the threats which we reported to Kiriani Police Station, the caller said they would ensure that we quickly lose our positions the same way we got them, eliminate us and give the positions to their friends,” said Ms. Muthoni. She also said that at one point, at one point, Mr Mbuthi was set up by awoman who operated an M-Pesa business. She claimed that the woman had unsuccessfully persuaded him to buy ‘leaked’ KCSE exam papers in 2015. Kiru Principal Murder.



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