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The Inspiring Story of Kenyan Woman Who Went From Being Homeless in Dandora to Landing a Lucrative Job at Microsoft

Joanne, who, like many Kenyan expatriates, went from working in a warehouse in Nairobi’s Dandora neighbourhood to earning six figures in large US corporations, is a prime example of someone who went from from grass to grace.

Joanne was born and raised in Kenya. At a young age, she went to the US in quest of better opportunities, where she succeeded and built the life she had always dreamed of for herself and her family.

Speaking about the difficulties she had while working in Kenya, Joanne remembers having to resign from her position at a Dandora warehouse due to physical and mental fatigue.

Following her resignation, she was left homeless after her resignation since she could not afford to rent a home.

As a result, she spent months sleeping on couches and hopping from friend to friend’s house.

“I was homeless, so I was moving from house to house. It’s people’s couches so you can’t stay for long, you can only stay for some time. The struggle was real,” she said.

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Joanne then made the decision to settle down and establish a new life in the US. Her attempts were, however, thwarted when the Embassy repeatedly denied her request for a visa.

After fulfilling all the prerequisites, she moved to the United States.

She tried to adjust to her new culture and find a job to support herself, just like any other foreigner, which forced her to live with friends.

However, after a friend extended an invitation for her to attend the National Black MBA Conference in Philadelphia, USA, things finally started to get better.

“She was like, there is a career fair that is happening in Philadephia, it’s the National MBA conference, and I need you to go,” she stated.

“When I got there I was shocked to see Havard, Yale and other top schools on people’s badges, and I’m looking at my tag shaking my head. I see all these companies on display, from Microsoft to Apple, and there to recruit,” she said.

Joanne was fortunate enough to receive five offers from Microsoft and Apple, among other organisations, at the start of her remarkable journey.

“They flew me out to Houston Texas, put me in one of the most expensive hotels, showed me around the campus, and I was like, wow, I want to work here,’ she stated.

Joanne currently works for Microsoft Corporation.


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