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Charles Kamindo: Kenyan Runner Cashing in Millions from Trucking Business in the US

Charles Kamindo is one of Kenyans who have found success in foreign countries and established profitable businesses.

The retired player disclosed that he launched the truck business in 2015 and earns more than Ksh1.8 million every year.

In an interview, he said, “The expenses are a lot when running this business and it eats into the profit especially now that I have seven trucks. However, I am left with enough for my family and a vacation from time to time.”

He discussed how the firm has enabled him to raise his family, create jobs, and live well in the United States.

While narrating his path, Kamindo revealed that starting a business was difficult, but with persistence and hard work, he was able to sustain and expand it.

The former athlete lives in Wisconsin and manages Kamindos Logistics LLC, which now operates seven trucks which are imprinted with Kenyan flags.

Kamindo, originating from Nduduri in Nakuru County, started running at a young age.

His skill was later identified, and he was sponsored to travel to the United States in 1999.

While in the United States, Kamindo continued to run and competed in six races. He then became a US citizen and flew his family out of Kenya.

Charles Kamindo: Kenyan Runner Cashing in Millions from Trucking Business in the US

After nearly ten years of running professionally, Kamindo expanded into other companies, including transportation.

At the time, he paid $10,000 for a street vehicle.

Because he was inexperienced at driving trucks at the time, he received some training, and his life was never the same again.

With this, he began shipping products across the country, which eventually grew into a profitable business.

According to Kamindo, the most important component of the job is to hire skilled drivers who have been well educated to avoid disturbance.

He also revealed that he uses an app to monitor his driver’s speed and distance travelled.

Kamindo noted that one of the most difficult issues was when a truck broke down, potentially derailing the products’ journey.

However, he stated that this requires an agile person to make quick judgements and ensure that the shipment arrives on schedule.

Kamindo encouraged Kenyans to travel to the United States to work and explore chances in their respective industries.


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