Monday, September 16, 2019
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Jimmy Gait On A Campaign Mission To Urge President Uhuru Improve Health Sector

Singer Jimmy Gait has started a campaign to help improve the health sector in Kenyan after his recent health scare.

The singer, who was recently in India for treatment after being misdiagnosed with cancer, has started a campaign to convince President Uhuru Kenyatta to pass certain bills protecting Kenyans which will ensure local doctors do not take advantage of the patients by misdiagnosing them.

”While in India, I met many Kenyans who similarly, had come for treatment where surprisingly, 6 out of 10 of them complained of similar experiences which include, but not limit; Misdiagnosis and negligence from medical practitioners. The high cost of treatment. Lack of ‘patient-doctor’ trust and expertise,” said the singer on his youtube channel. 


Gait went on to say that in Kenya, it has now become about money and doctors don’t care about anything else.

”I am shocked that a doctor would rather make money from me than give me proper treatment,” he said. 

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