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Jacob “Ghost” Mulee Reacts to Engin Firat’s Assertion that Kenya’s Local League Can’t Provide Quality Players

Former Harambee Stars coach Jacob “Ghost” Mulee has weighed in on the debate sparked by current coach Engin Firat’s assertion that the FKF Premier League lacks the capacity to produce quality players for the national team.

In his remarks, Mulee acknowledged some of Firat’s concerns, particularly regarding the adverse effects of the lack of serious sponsorship and poor pitch conditions on the league’s competitiveness.

“I would say yes and no regarding his sentiments. No because, there are many factors affecting our local league that need to be sorted out and we will have the quality. The biggest problem in the local league is the lack of serious sponsorship,” he said as quoted by Mozzart Sports.

He reminisced about a time when the league attracted foreign players and enjoyed higher quality matches.

When we had SuperSport airing the league a while back, we had foreign players trooping here since we had a quality league,”

However, Mulee did not solely attribute the league’s struggles to external factors. He emphasized the existence of standout players within the local league who merited consideration for the national team.

Mulee singled out Gor Mahia midfielder Austin Odhiambo as a prime example, lauding his exceptional talent and asserting his readiness to compete on a global stage.

“He should be in the national team. There is no reason he should not be called up. He is a very exceptional player who can play in any league in the world.”

Contrary to Firat’s suggestion that players should seek opportunities abroad to enhance their quality, Mulee advocated for a different approach.

He called for increased attention and investment in the local league, arguing that with proper support, it could nurture talent domestically and elevate the standard of play.

Moreover, Mulee issued a challenge to Firat to actively engage with local matches to identify promising players who could bolster the national squad.




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