Huddah Monroe On Top Of The Game After She Appeared On L.A Magazine

Having hustled her way to the top, Huddah Monroe keeps sharing her success journey with her online fans and now the lady has again made a big move that will leave her haters chocking with envy.

Well, the petite lady managed to grace the cover of Harper Bazaar’s September cover where she opens up about her journey to success.

While many assumed that Huddah was just in the states for a vacation…turns out that she was actually out to seek new tactics that would help her business grow.

Future plans

On the interview Huddah reveals about her plans to open up a Huddah Monroe beauty store in LA to sell her products.

HuddahCredits: Harper Bazaar

She went on to add that having known poverty almost get entire life, this had made her hustle harder than she ever imagine.

This is however just the beginning of her successful career that many people will speak of in future.