Heartbroken Sh. 100 wedding couple return to hawking in streets

A couple that gained popularity and cash rewards following their humble wedding is back to where it all started.

The couple, famed for holding a wedding at Sh. 100 is said to be back on the streets hawking apples.

This unfortunate turn of events has left many shocked. This is because the couple had been rewarded with cash, a plot with a green house, and two mini supermarkets.

According to reports appearing in a local daily, the couple has since sold the mini supermarkets. They claim that the dukas have failed to attract customers, forcing them to dig into their pockets to sustain them.

“We were making sales that were as little as Sh. 200 per day and at the end of the month, we had to borrow money for rent. We decided to sell the businesses off and buy enough fruit stocks, “ said Wilson Mutura. The couple is currently expecting their first child.

Strikingly, the couple’s shops had been sponsored and stocked by Bonfire Adventures which is owned by Simon and Sarah Kabu. Bonfire was also their business mentor.

However, the couple did not consult Bonfire on whether to sell or not to sell the business. Asked why, they said that it was because the management at Bonfire was always busy and had no time for them.